The Exchange is a discipleship ministry developed by Becky Castle of Cornelius Connection International. The Exchange is a process of equipping and training people to live the life they were meant to live in God by yielding to the work of Christ's death and resurrection.  We all have exchanged the truth of Who God is and who we are meant to be by believing lies that hinder us from God's plan of fullness.  We can learn the truth of God for us, learning to exchange core beliefs for the truth: what God says about Himself and us.  The Exchange brings dramatic transformation in a short amount of time, often eliminating the need for years of counseling. Sign up for an Exchange Ministry Session today! Click Here to sign up. (Note: you will be re-directed to our Launch Houston website to fill out your ministry request form.)

The Exchange process is two-fold:  Teaching and The Ministry Sessions

The Teaching

The concept of the exchanged life comes primarily from the book of Romans. In chapter one, Paul tells us that we “exchanged the truth for a lie”. The Exchange is a process of exchanging those lies back! The book of Romans encapsulates the message of God’s dealings with humankind through the ages: the life He intended to enjoy with us; the devastation of losing that privilege; and the great restoration of His original design. This is the first stage of the process. These truths are the bedrock for the second stage of the Exchange process: a personal ministry session.

The best way to access this first stage is to sign up for our weekly Teleios Institute class The Exchange: Living a Life of Connected Communion. Visit Teleios Institute's page on for more information contact us at 713-957-3919 or

The Ministry Session

God's desire is for you to live an abundant life!  
In the Exchange ministry session, we seek the Lord together to reveal places where our beliefs don’t line up with His beliefs. In the ministry session, which typically takes about two hours, the Holy Spirit reveals the lies so that biblical action can be taken to free ourselves from the effects of those lies. When we embrace God’s truth about ourselves, it sets us free!

How do I sign up for a session?

Exchange personal ministry sessions are available by appointment.  An Exchange ministry session is a two-hour investment of time on your behalf. We ask you to sow into your own spiritual health with an investment of $50 to help fund future ministry.

To request an appointment, please click here to sign up (Note: you will be re-directed to our Launch Houston website to fill out your ministry request form and select from available appointment times.)

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